Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are paid campaigns effective for your brand?

Marketing is a huge arena with a lot explored and yet a lot left unexplored. When you have a business, it is essential that you know how to market it so that you can convert your leads into effective sales. Most brands experiment with unpaid campaigns initially, to observe and analyse the engagement that they are getting with their content, creative and strategy. But, the right time to begin paid marketing for your brand should be estimated by taking into consideration the above analysis before you actually commence the campaign.

How to make sure that you’re at a juncture to begin paid campaigns for your brand?

1. You’re a Master or a Jack at Unpaid Marketing

There are two instances to look at before you begin paid campaigns- whether you’re good at organic marketing or whether you’re completely falling dull at it, thus resulting in your efforts going completely futile. If you’ve explored all forms of organic marketing, turning towards paid marketing can further enhance your brand presence and your business’ marketing turn-out (subject to your brand’s marketing schemes). If organic marketing is not working for your business at all, and then it’s time you invest some money and effectively chalk out a plan to make the online efforts work for you. However, there are some more aspects to it which will be discussed below.

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2. You’ve a set budget for your paid campaign in mind

When you’re in the initial phase of starting out with a paid campaign, it is necessary to allocate a fixed budget for your paid marketing campaign otherwise you may run out of money, too soon. It is essential also to understand how much money to put in on which channel, so that your returns are in tandem with the money you invest. Basically, improving your ROI is dependent on the money you spend in the campaign – budget.

For e.g. On the basis of your online presence, Facebook determines your PPC budget to reach a particular number of audience. While big names like Neil Patel might be paying 0.01 paise for an ad campaign on Facebook, there are mediocre brands that have to shell out Rs.10 for each click.

3. Your data is up-to-date with the right keywords and ad copy

It is necessary to make sure that you’re aware of which keywords are working well for your business.You could seek help from a SEO/SMM analyst or you can work your way through keyword and ad word planner to gather the data by yourself. If an effective and appealing ad copy is coupled with the suitable keywords, it’s time you started exploring paid marketing campaign.

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4. You saw an initial boost in traffic but since then, it’s  been stagnant

If your organic campaign resulted in an initial boost in traffic, it means that digital marketing is working right for your business. However, some times, organic campaigns can also stagnate the traffic after a point in time and that is when, it is implying that you began with paid campaigns on various platforms that can improve the reach of your brand to the right type of audience thereby improving your ROI.

5. When you notice a growing sense of trust amongst your customer base

When your campaign reach is immense and you see a growing follower base and improvement in the engagement, you should turn to paid marketing campaigns to convert these potential leads into loyal customers.

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However, before incorporating a paid campaign into your marketing strategies, it is essential to understand that a successful PPC campaign does not take place overnight. It needs a lot of analysis, testing and patience to deliver the results which will show increasingly impressive ROI for your brand’s marketing campaign.

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