Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The ads of 2016 that created a great impact, this year!

Advertisements or Commercials are of various kinds and are created to draw attention. Whether broadcast, print, online or outdoor, these ads have a single aim- to grab eyeballs. The target audience, the industry vertical, the placement of ads might differ however the basic objective is to retain their brand identity in the minds of the consumers.

Taking this into picture, we have curated a list of the top 10 ads of 2016 that we could not forget even as the year is about to end! Advertisements also create history in their own way, we are chalking down some of them which have been creative for this year.

1. Nike: Da-Da-Ding Campaign

Nike India, in its recently-launched ad film 'Da Da Ding', a part of 'Nike: Just Do It' campaign, features women athletes along with Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. The ad has been conceptualised by Wieden+Kennedy Delhi and has a catchy tune to it which is vibrant and zealous.

The advertisement focuses on girls taking over the sports scene and depicts a variety of sport being played. The cast consists of women from different sporting cultures such as surfer Ishita Malviya to national hockey player Rani Rampal to footballer Jyoti Ann Burret. The campaign is a direct communication on the behalf of Nike to encourage young girls to look up to the reigning female athletes and create a niche for themselves in sports.
Watch the commercial here:

2. Imperial Blue: Men will be Men Ad Campaign

This ad featuring Disha Patani has become famous due to the humour everyday element which overrides the script. The type of ad is also known as “slice of life” advertising or “surrogate situational” advertising because the ad plays on the power of the brand identity to convey the ad message in spite of the product’s promotions being banned in India.

Playing on the age old tagline of “Men will be Men” coupled with humour and everyday life elements; the ad is a hard-to-miss!
Check out the commercial here:

3. Vodafone: #SuperDad Ad Campaign

Yet another series by the creative director who brought to life the boy and the pug and Zoozoos for Vodafone, the Super Dad Ad campaign pulls an emotional string in everyone’s heart by downplaying humour. The entire campaign rests on the father-child relationship and it’s amazing how the advertising of Vodafone Internet is subtle yet strong in its own manner.

The campaign was aimed at making consumers feel super but the Super Dad campaign does strike a chord where necessary, and yet makes them feel super!
So kudos to the thought behind the ad and here’s the commercial if you’ve missed it:

4. Flipkart: No Kidding, No Worries Ad Campaign

The FlipKart Kids Campaign conceptualised and created by Happy Services India was a hit and has had a second innings to the initial campaign which was loved by the audience. The kids had adult voice-overs and issues which made the entire plot good to watch!

The ad campaigns strategically dish out various services like Cash on Delivery and Shopping on the internet playing on elements of cuteness of the kids and adult-mimicry. These tiny tots have succeeded at charming the audience with their play and you could check the ad here:

5. Cadbury Diary Milk: Badhti Dosti Ke Naam, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye Ad Campaign

Leveraging on the age old Saas-Bahu drama, Cadbury with this ad campaign, gives the entire relationship perception a beautiful twist towards harbouring friendship between the two. The setting and backdrop of the advertisement is homely making it easier to relate to for not only women but also men (who have been stuck between their wives and mothers).

The ad intelligently plays on building a bond of friendship by sharing a Cadbury Diary Milk and dancing on the streets. Both the characters in the ad have done pure justice with their acting and the audience, at the end of the advertisement flow with happiness at what they see on screen. If you want to be beaming of happiness, check the commercial here:

6. Pepsi: Pepsi Thi, Pee Gaya Ad Campaign

Doing its round for some of the wrong reasons, the recent campaign of Pepsi with the tagline as, “Pepsi Thi Yaar, Pee gaya is being compared to the FTII hunger protests by the students. However, irrespective of the comparisons that are being drawn, this J. Walter Thompson campaign works on the subtlety of how Pepsi is irresistible.

The aim of the campaign is to simply highlight the great taste of the beverage and the nonchalance of the boy delivering the main dialogue is the strong point of the commercial. Whether, the rumours have helped the campaign or not are a different issue, but the ad sure has built its space in the consumer’s minds. Check the ad out here:

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