Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The beginner’s guide to Social Media Marketing: Orca Studio perspective

While Content Marketing is the runway business for most agencies these day, Social media marketing is nowhere behind considering the increasing use of customers, audience and clients present on various social media platforms whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even Snapchat. Especially, if you are new to social media, how can you employ the tool to boost your business, to generate commerce, both inbound and outbound. We will tell you how!

There are certain points that need to be chalked out before you start with social media marketing for your brand and this framework will decide how it is going to supplement your business, too.

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1. Mimicry is Foolish.

Mimicking famous brands to create a similar niche for yourself is sure not a great idea, when it comes to social media platforms.  Most social media platforms are public and your audience respects you for the originality or the uniqueness that you present in front of them. They want to consume unique content over over-used or re-done words and design.

While you could adapt to a particular method or imbibe certain practices that are trending, stay away from sharing the same things that other brands do.

For instance: Orca Studio does a #BTS every Saturday to give an insight on what goes behind while working with an Advertising agency and that in itself arouses curiosity amongst consumers.

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2. Do not post due to selfish reasons.
We all know you are making use of social media platforms to scale your business however that does not mean, you blatantly make a fool out of your audience. It is essential to respect your consumers and provide them food for thought.

If you post content worth sharing, it grabs more eyeballs than posting stuff that is insignificant or not worthy of re-posting.

For eg: Most top blogs still find their traffic soaring because of the shares, tweets, likes, re-posts that they get for each of their posts.

3. A Tweet in Time Saves Nine.
Every social media platform has a time factor to adhere to which means the right posting time slot during which the maximum number of audience on that particular social media platform are active to consume the content that you’re providing.

We at Orca Studio follow the following timeline that works best for our brand. You might also want to try it!

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4. Use the right elements!
When we mention elements, don’t get us wrong because we are referring to the appropriate hashtags, the location, knowing which photos to post and what to update as stories, etc.

A viral social media post combines all the above factors to get themselves trending and that is why you must make use of the right hashtags paired with an irresistibly interesting caption posted at the right time with a fun boomerang story updated so that your audience can’t help but double tap or wow your post!

5. Social Media = Donut for your business.
Social media is a growing platform with the number of consumers using each of these tools increasing day by day and it has only become easier with Social media to access your consumers through the means of internet.

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We at Orca Studio are working to leverage each and every platform in a way that we retain our clients and yet generate leads which turn into potential customers of our services. Social Media is a booming business platform and if you have not yet explored this kingdom, it’s time that you sign up today itself!

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