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Orca’s take on whether Omni-channel discovery is the best bet for your brand.

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Omni Channel marketing, as new as it sounds, is really an old marketing concept which has help the grip on it for a long while now, and hopefully will continue to do so. One of the concepts that were forethought of, especially aimed at the number of channels via which marketing was possible, omni channel marketing could only do more good than bad for your brand. And, we at Orca are decoding why:

  1. Digital Presence
Every other business and brand is vying for a digital space, and not just the space but for the brand presence on a digital platform. Omni channel marketing can take care of that because it aims to reach audience and convince them through devices and digital tools.

   2. Multiple Channel
      The entire deal of Omni Channel marketing is co-ordinated via the multiple channels which means this concept refers to marketing a brand by discovering the true potential of each channel available to reach the audience. Consumers are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and more making it an easy task to target the right type of audience to boost your brand presence.

   3. Cross Device targeting
      Cross Device targeting is a fairly new concept considering the growing usage of devices. Now, it is estimated that in US alone, each household use three or more devices whereas in the UK, an average household owns 7.4 internet devices. With this increase in the purchase of devices, reaching out to this audience has only become simpler through the means of internet.

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Apart from all of this, bigger brands have already started employing the means of omni-channel discovery to grow their brand. Some major examples are these:


Disney was among the first ones to begin a personalised tour on the website by helping tourists to plan a Disney visit and making arrangements to suit the visit including lodging and instant call-to-action feature in case of any difficulty. All the website features were later transitioned on to the app as well.

Like Disney, these days a number of businesses have grown to install a virtual tour of a place, amusement park, a tourist spot, etc which has led to a growth in their business.

Domino’s Pizza

Did you know that 50% of Domino’s sales in the US is through the means of digital channels, especially that from mobile?

Domino’s is an outlet that needs to constantly evolve on their marketing channels due to the evolving competition from different fast food chains. Added to this, there is an additional responsibility of being an on-consumer-demand business and that’s when Domino’s used voice—related search to their advantage by being the initial business brand to help customers place orders using voice commands. The reach has been constantly increasing with Domino’s exploring various channels and platforms to integrate voice search to place orders.

These are some examples of brands that have made use of omni-channel discovery to potentially improve their business and sales. And, it could do the same for your brand too, however before you get started, remember:
   1.       To Develop an Omni-channel location data plan.
   2.       To understand your consumer’s Omni-channel requirements.
   3.       Chalk out what the future looks like for your brand with respect to each channel so that you could steer Omni-channel discovery in the right direction.
      If you think you’re ready with all this data, you’re ready to be discovered by your audience instantly, thanks to your smart marketing strategy! 

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