Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why do we call our Ad Agency a Studio?

“We create, We connect, We communicate!”

Orca Studio

Office has been synonymous for us with varied definitions restrictive to a glass building, cubicles within and to an extent a coffee machine, however most work spaces are now undergoing a transition in their architectural design to suit the culture that that they want to portray to their audience!

But now the days are changing from the times when formal dress code ruled the work fashion or addressing each other by first names were a taboo to a more relaxed working style. The private industry is seeing a boom in the cool culture and why not, hierarchy in work is necessary but why make it evident, right? A work space must resonate the kind of work it does or the services it offers. For instance, if you went to a restaurant serving Gujarati thali that had a South Indian theme to it, wouldn’t you feel out of place?

Yellow walls, a beautiful balcony full of plants and some colourful bean bags have become a part of our everyday lives at Orca Studio. Our studio not only showcases but also oozes the creativity of each and every individual working here. The black lampshades against the grey and yellow walls are thematic of what we present online as well, and this is what motivates us to craft some amazing things for our clients.

Orca Studio

Advertising is a diverse field and has many facets, unexplored to it. In this tech city, we take pride in being a tad more creative apart from being logical to provide the best to our clients. The kitchen is an open space for everyone to experiment as a chef or for starters, as a coffee maker and the dining hall has heard more talks than any other place. This space binds our young team together which is necessary to channelize the efforts in our work.

It’s not only the space, but also the brainstorming sessions and huddles which contribute towards us calling our agency, a studio. We believe in that a physical space can boost the thirst for creativity and innovation and when we couple it with employee-employer interaction; it can lead to nurturing the suitable type of workplace behaviour.

Environmental psychology is a vital aspect that shapes workplace behaviour, irrespective of the industry one is working in, it is essential to design and organize spaces that are dynamic and engrossing for people. And all this contributes to why we like calling our young advertising agency, a studio!
Pic Credits: The picture is sourced from Flickr by nkeppol

Please note: The above article is industry, vertical and work specific. A number of firms/business/work-spaces need to adhere to a certain kind of work setting to bring out the right output from the employers. This article is limited to Orca Studio’s working patterns.

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