Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Holiday Marketing Tips: The retreat season could treat your brand jolly good!

Starting from November, people around the world are in their festive mood making the most of the long holiday season ahead of them. But for consumers, holiday season may not be half as jolly and to reverse exactly this feeling for them; your brand should deliver the best in order to stand out. However, how do you ensure to keep your audience engaged during holiday season with a stunning marketing campaign in a manner that they can’t help but notice you! If you’re stuck with holiday marketing, these points might help you plan your campaign better:

   1. Personalized Marketing is the key.

Right from the stage of conceptualization, it is necessary to get some data listed down such as the target audience analysis, your audience preferences, what do you want to communicate through your brand? and more.

Pic Credits: This picture is soourced from Kaboompics.

It is essential to understand that as much the holiday season can be a good time for brand marketing, it is the time when your audience is relaxed and would not like to analyse your brand’s marketing too much. Neither, do they have too much time to give your campaign two thoughts. Hence, make it simple and smart in a manner that it manages to attract attention and yet motivates your consumer to fall into purchasing what you want to sell.

   2. Play on the emotional factors, exactly where it hits.

Your audience loves you but how to ensure that you’re luring them to be occupied with your brand. Festivals revoke memories, and it is best if you can include the emotional factors so that your audience falls in love with you.

Your consumers do not really have a lot of time, because holiday is meant to be off media, however if you’re successful in capturing their attention, it is going to give you a good return on your campaign.

   3. Your brand should communicate what it sells, even during holidays.

When we say this, we mean that as Orca Studio, we cannot be doing a campaign on selling clothes or gifts but what we can do is to create a video that brings people together during shopping sessions and how reminiscing on old advertisements can be a way to catch up in each other’s company!

Since the past two years, REI has been doing a campaign called the #OptOutside Campaign during which it closes its doors to its retail locations and instead invites the online community to tweet with pictures when they are outdoors with their loved ones with the above mentioned hashtag to encourage people to spend quality time with each other at a park or at the beach rather than shopping at the malls. 

Pic Credits: This picture is sourced from Outdoor research.

Craft a shareable campaign!

Tis’ the season to be jolly so craft your campaign accordingly. If people love your campaign, make it easy for them to share it with their loved ones. If you want your consumers to participate in the campaign, then make it engaging in a manner that they do not leave your landing page without entering the campaign.

Along with the shareable content, it is also the season to include some online deals and announce some giveaways which will ensure more reach and thereby increased engagement for your product or service.

For instance, a hotel can always provide discount deals during holidays and motivate their audience to step out of their houses, take a vacation and stay at the hotels! Hotel Tonight had run a campaign asking their followers on social media to share their funny story or memory at a hotel and a $500 worth stay at one of Hotel Tonight’s chain of hotels. 

Pic credits: This picture is sourced from Hotel Tonight.
So, next time that you are curating a campaign during the time of holiday, you might want to consider the above points and make the most of this season to make your brand presence unavoidable yet joyful resonating the season greetings!

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